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Thor Dragomir Von Haus

Body By Noel Employee!!

German Shepherd Dog SBL
Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog, Birthday 12-05-2015

I adopted Thor when he was about four months old. Thor was training as a service animal. His original owners decided to seek out a larger home with more opportunities for socializing. So my good friend called on me, my daughter and I went to pick Thor up in Jacksonville.

He is a giant, weighs in at 130 pounds—a huge-hearted animal with a funny side. Thor is goofy. Thor is loyal, gentle, and playful.

Thor enjoys people, his favorite subject besides a game of fetch.

So, Thor has made his rounds to a few of my clients. He can make an hour of fitness seem to fly.

Anyone who needs a bit of pick me up during their fitness session, Thor is the Dog.

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