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The Workout you Love to Hate.

As a student with over 4 years of experience with personal trainer Noel Fayette, I have had many opportunities to experience what true training practices are and how they affect body and mind.  Her overall approach is comprehensive, where no one [training style] is anymore, or less important. Rather, it is an approach where the entire training method is applied per session.

Proper form, stretching, and flexibility are just as important as pushing weight, burning out,  taking it to failure, or being left panting after supersets… everything in a typical training session receives equal attention.

Often, I find that I have to check my ego at the door, drop down to ridiculously light weights, only to be astounded by the intensity of doing an exercise that is just as effective as if I was pushing weight for a personal best. Frequently, I will joke that there never seems to be a session where I am not sore the next day or days… and to me, sore equals improvement.

I know this may sound strange, but I also dread it as much as I look forward to my next session. I have always been an athlete, and I know how to train, but I cannot push myself as Noel pushes me.

The challenges are there in every session, and I always feel like a million dollars afterward.