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Personalized Fitness Trainer Services

Mind. Body. Nutrition.

Specialized fitness for 50-85 year old clientele

Experienced Guidance

  • I work with clients 50 years and older, all fitness abilities.

  • Experienced in training clients with age related issues.

  • I will create an individual plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • I will assist in helping you to purchase the right equipment to fit your budget and needs.

Personalized Workouts

  • I will bring the workout to you in your home.

  • I can meet you in your community gym or at any safe outside location.

  • My schedule is flexible.

  • I am sub-contracted with a few local gyms.

Nutrition Plans

  • Meal planning and food prep available. 

  • Assisted in grocery store shopping, learning to avoid meal planning sabotage. 

  • I will teach you the basic principles of nutritional break-down. 

I follow strict Covid policies, will respect your personal requirements as well.

Specialized fitness for 50-85 year old clientele

Building a leaner and stronger body can happen at any age. My experience includes clients with age related issues. Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes, pace maker, paralysis, joint replacements, stroke, blindness, postmenopausal symptoms, vertigo, and tendonitis.


Mind, Body, and Nutrition – Addressing these three topics is key to achieving overall success. I will give you creative ideas on ways to discipline the mind, build confidence, as well as positive self talk. Nutrition we will focus on “The Food Project Brake-down” Real facts! Building the Body is the fun part. Improved ability, stronger muscle and bones, and a leaner you.

Training Certifications

  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Resistance To The Core
  • Nutrition For Sports And Exercise
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Athletic Performance Training/ Weight Vest
  • Boot Camp Instructor
  • Body Analysis and Composition
  • Life Coaching
  • The Nature Of Metabolism
  • Making The Cut
  • Need Motivation
  • Ready to Roll: What Science Says About Self-Myofascial Release  
  • Practical Modality Instruction
  • AFAA – Stress Gets Personal™
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Training Principles and Precautions