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Training the Mind to Promote a Healthier Attitude

Do the best with the person you are, and refrain from comparing yourself with others is a great place to start.  Striving to live in the best of circumstances or having the perfect body does not lead to a healthier attitude. If you have not learned to like yourself and practice positivity, an unhealthy mind can be toxic. Unfortunately, your unhappiness leaks into the atmosphere in which you live and can leave a trail of gloom.

Practice uplifting activities, teach yourself to have the right attitude, balance your diet, get a good night’s rest, daily exercise, smile (find your sense of humor) are some tools that will help improve your attitude. Your personality, feelings, and state of mind are all part of your unseen environment. Think about for a moment how people affect a crowd, party, or social event. Your attitude affects your immediate surroundings, including how you feel about yourself.

Everyone wants to be around that person who is positive in nature, generous, appreciative, laughs and smiles, a good listener, giving, and sincere. Learn to be that person for yourself. Gratitude is a comfortable place to start. Journaling the good out of your day before you sleep.  Another great tool in training your mind for a healthier perspective is jotting down a few daily goals. I will smile at least once today, say thank you, think kind thoughts about myself, manage my time between work and exercise, and I will get outside at least once, eat a healthy meal or snack. Create your own checklist that helps promote a healthy attitude.

Steer clear of situations or media that make you less than, create a feeling of hopelessness or anxiety. Keep from polluting your mind and creating a negative mental response. We are not always in control of our life circumstances; we control how we respond to them internally and externally.

Another toxic behavior is self-sabotage; we all have experienced this from time to time in our lives.  You can call these learning curves or bad habits. Start eliminating harmful habits, little at a time. Smaller goals are more achievable. Important to practice being success-driven rather than repeated failures.

Simple strategies in promoting a healthier mind, attitude, and environment.